Best Google Glass Emulators To Create With

Unfortunately, Glass hasn’t been made widely available yet so developers might find themselves in the middle of an entanglement at some points. We’re sure that there are a lot of skilled developers out there who could do great work with Google’s device if it wasn’t that expensive or more accessible. However, many didn’t stop here and tried to find alternatives for working with Glass, while not physically owning the device. Happily for them, Google made available a couple of tools that could help them enjoy or test the Glass experience and develop applications for the device. If you are one of them and want to experience a Glass emulator, here are some tools that could help you with that.

Best Google Glass Emulators List

Glass for Android Smartphones

So, if your smartphone is running on an Android OS, you can experience Glass software; of course, you don’t get to go through the hardware experience at all and you won’t look like a robot when walking down the street. So, if your phone has the necessary capacity, you can download and install some pretty neat apps that could bring you some of the Glass experience; you can also enjoy it on a tablet that has enough computing power. There is a downside though, because the software could show you an older version of Glass. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to play with.

Take a look on if you want to go through the Glass experience on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll even get an install guide for each app you want to install.

Install and start building your own prototypes

GlassSim is well known among developers and Glass Explorers, as it can provide an entire gallery of software prototypes which could help one get a fuller picture of what it can be done and where to start from with Glass. This could also be very useful if you’re planning to conceive a Glass app and need to map out an idea or simply need inspiration. Practically, GlassSim will provide you all the necessary materials so that you could create concepts for Google Glass apps. In our opinion, GlassSim is the best simulator for Google’s device, a source of inspiration and a work tool.

So, if you want to start somewhere, GlassSim is the first app to go to. It’s UI is simple to use and user friendly; all you have to do after installing the app is to choose a card template, upload a photo and after that you can already make modifications in CSS and HTML. Even though you cannot create the full app using GlassSim, you can at least start the design of the app.

Google PlayGround App

This software is a card simulator and works pretty much like GlassSim, meaning that it will allow you to modify Glass software. When connected with the Oauth client, you can edit the code so that you could see how your new software would look on Google Glass.

In comparison with GlassSim, Google Playground has a heavier design, which makes it harder to use. However, it is still a neat tool and if you have the patience, you should give it a try.

For now, these are the only apps that can offer a smooth Glass experience and if you want to do some more creative work, you’ll have to wait until you can get Google Glass. But until then, you could have fun using these Glass emulators. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us if you used any of them, encountered any problems or if you know any others.