Diane von Furstenberg Released 5 Frames And 8 Shades for Glass

Google promised us that designer Glass frames are coming and now Diane von Furstenberg released five new frames and eight shades.

It’s great to see that Google keeps making deals for Glass and this proves us that they are still really interested in the device. Along with the release of the new shades and frames, there’s one more store where you can buy Glass. Net-A-Porter offers Google Glass along with one frame and one shade for $1,800, which is a bit more expensive that getting it directly from Google, with frames or shades.

The bundles include white frames with green shades, brown frames with rose shades, charcoal frames with black shades, teal frames with blue shades, and plum frames with bronze shades. Currently all of them are for women only, but the ones for men are coming soon.

Google offers Glass along with shades or frames of your choice for the price of $1,500, which makes it a bit cheaper, but you can only choose the old ones.

We expect Google to find for companies to design Glass frames and shades, especially after they release the customer edition, which should attract much more customers than the developer edition.

Unfortunately people are still complaining that no shades or frames can hide the fact that you are wearing a computer on your head and Google has to do more than that in order to get potential customers more relaxed about the product. Hopefully the next version of Glass will be less bulky and less geeky, but we’ll have to wait and see about that, because it’s not certain at the moment if they will be able to pack everything in a smaller device. Also the prism still has to remain in your eyesight.