Google Glass Available For Purchase At CD-R King Soon?

Google’s long anticipated wearable computer is coming soon in CD-R King stores. Yes, Google Glass will soon be available for buying or for testing (we don’t know yet) in any of this giant store chain and we can’t wait to see if this is going to be the actual Glass or if this is just a cheap version of the device, launched to attract more customers to the real thing. We were able to get this piece of information, from the with an image that was inviting people to experience Google Glass in their stores.

This news comes a surprise for many of us, especially considering CD-R King sales specifics. Everybody knows that the company is mostly selling low-price products imported from China, and the fact that now it’s going to be one of the main Glass selling points seems a bit out of the ordinary, especially when the cost for Glass is so high (still $1,500, Google didn’t announce another price yet). In another order of ideas, the company sells items like electronic bikes, with a starting price of P20,000- P30,000 and 3D printers with the price at P100,000. Glass’s startup price would be somewhere at P65,000, so you see from where we draw our doubts. It is only normal for any new game changing technology to cost about a kidney to own, but we’re not sure that this is what CD-R King is trying to sell us.

Another thing that makes us question this fact is related to people’s understanding over Google’s head mounted computer. As you know, there is a lot of new information to cope with when it comes to Glass and regardless to its selling points, there will be a lot of debates over the device. We can only tell you that Glass has started a lot of negative discussions over the web since its first appearance and keeps drawing a lot of haters. Just search Glasshole on Google and you will understand better what we meant to say.

And our final question mark is related to where should Glass be available in the first place. We know for sure that the device shouldn’t be available in US, which includes the Philippines. However, we have heard rumors about a cheaper version of Glass being launched this year on some select markets.

Just for the record, Glass is currently powered by Android KitKat 4.4.2, has a dual-core processor and brings along 16 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM. The tiny display is 640 x 360 inches and the incorporated camera sports 5 MP.

This is all for now, we’ll keep an eye on CD-R King for you and bring up the important updates about Google Glass.