Google Glass Gets Its First Karaoke App

Are you a karaoke fun? If the answer is yes, you will definitely love this new glassware. Yesterday, the new Glass app Kamioke has been released, an app that aims to brink the karaoke experience on Google’s head mountable device. Considering that Google Glass is still $1,500 and still unavailable worldwide, we can’t say exactly what would this app value in present, but it certainly predicts a lot of fun.

While the branding and naming of Kamioke came from GPOP, Google Glass’s decal company, you should know that the creators and developers behind it are Mohammad Adib and Sharon Bacani. If you want to try it, you can download and install it by , and after completing the necessary information, such as name, mail address etc, you will be able to go forth with the process. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before (sideloading),as the website also provides a guide on how to download, install and use the app afterwards.

After installing and opening the app, you will have a selection of ten songs to play with; the songs have been licensed to appear in the app and as for every Glass app you simply have to begin with the command: “OK Glass, let’s sing” in order to begin. After this, you will be able to scroll through the Playlist card and choose the song you want to karaoke on. The following video will provide more information and a demo concerning how it works, so if you need more insights on it just press play.

If this app would have had been launched last year, when Google accepted in the Glassware list only API mirror developed apps, it would have probably been harder to see it in the official Google Glassware section. But Now that Google is offering a little bit more support for this type of software, you might soon find it in the Glassware list along with other GDK apps such as Word Lens, Spellista, Open Table or Foursquare.

So, with this app, Glass is slowly being introduced in the entertainment industry. If until now developers were trying to find all kind of practical uses for Google’s head-mountable device, Kamioke shows us that there are also some fun uses for it. Now that you know about it, go ahead and try it yourself and  leave a comment with your experience and if you would recommend any changes or improvements. But until then, just enjoy!