Google Glass Release Date in Europe to be Years Away

We already knew that Google is not yet very experienced with the retail market, after the issues with their Nexus devices. But we were hoping for improvements on this sides, though a lot of publications are talking about something we didn’t want to hear. It seems like Google Glass won’t be released in Europe in the following years and they are counting several reasons, including privacy concerns and legislations.

Currently the Glass Explorers program is available only in the United States and we believed they did this just because they wanted to keep things simple. But it might not be true and we probably won’t see Google Glass sold officially in Europe very soon.

One of the reasons Google isn’t in a hurry to sell Glass in Europe is the voice recognition software, which has issues understanding foreign accents and it’s a really big issue. But considering that Google is already lobbying European lawmakers, we believe they are already working on a version for European and we might see a much better voice recognition. But we don’t know how long this is going to take, considering that they didn’t even release an official version of Glass in the US.

Brussels, Cologne, and Paris, introducing Glass to European lawmakers and journalists. We didn’t know how did that work, but we hope that Europeans won’t be very reticent to the new kind of technology and the Mountain View company will be allowed to sell us the gadget we dream most of.

Privacy concerns remains all over the world, but Google is working on this. The company has already banned facial recognition software from the device, but the head-mounted camera is still causing troubles with the lawmakers, even though Glass informs the people around when a picture is taken by flashing a LED.

We aren’t expecting to see Google Glass in the European Play Store next year, but we really hope the company manages to work this out by 2015.