Google Glass User Interrogated by Homeland Security in Theater for Piracy

A Google Glass explorer was detained and interrogated by Homeland Security in an Ohio theater for suspected piracy, due to the device’s camera. Homeland Security reported that the man was suspected of piracy because he entered the theater with Google Glass on his head.

According to Homeland Security, the man was interrogated, but found not guilty. He was wearing Google Glass with prescription lenses, which means he couldn’t have taken down his device and also the camera was turned off.

It’s well known that pirated movies that show up on torrents shortly after they get released in cinemas are recorded with hidden cameras. This is why the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) closely monitors theaters and tries to stop people from getting in with cameras.

The MPAA declared that Google Glass is an incredible innovation and they don’t consider it a significant threat, so they aren’t very worried about content piracy done with Glass. But it’s weird that they make this statement while the Homeland Security interrogates Google Glass users on their behalf.

The MPAA is known for their extreme measures of stopping piracy, while Google Glass is also known for the privacy concerns it causes. Unfortunately bad news about the device aren’t stopping and a lot of people are reticent about Google Glass, because it’s head-mounted camera.

On the other side, there are still some good news too. The driving ticket we’ve been talking about lately has been dismissed, because the court couldn’t find any evidence that Google Glass was turned on. Even so, it could mean that Google Glass is now allowed while driving, so it’s getting restricted in more and more places.

Google is trying to create a good image for Glass and we do hope they will be able to do so, because otherwise its users are going to have a hard time wearing it.