Google Glass XE17.1 Update and MyGlass 3.0 Now Rolling Out

Google has just announced that the XE17.1 and MyGlass 3.0 are starting to roll out. The XE17.1 might be already available for some, while the MyGlass 3.0 should reach the Play Store by the end of the week.

This update comes with new features and it’s not just another minor one with just bug fixes, so it’s great news for Explorers. I hope they’ve fixed some of the bugs too, as we’re still encountering random reboots and lag even on XE17 (I’ve had 4 reboots in less than two hours yesterday).

There are two new major features that come with this update and I believe there might be other minor and unspecified ones that we might find once we receive the update.

You can now share maps directly from an Android device to Google Glass. In order to do that, you have to search for an address, press the share button and choose Glass. You will receive the directions directly on Glass and you can start the navigation. This is pretty cool, especially for those who are looking for harder to spell addresses.

The MyGlass 3.0 app now comes with the option to connect Glass to password protected WiFi networks without requiring a QR code. You just enter the password in MyGlass and Glass connects to the network automatically.

Those are pretty cool updates and we can’t wait to get our hands on XE17.1 and MyGlass 3.0 to see if you can find anything more.

For our readers outside of US, we’re also going to publish the MyGlass 3.0 apk so you can download it, because it’s limited to the US only on the Play Store.