Google Has Released MyGlass 3.0 for Android, Comes With Location Sharing and WiFi Connection Without QR Code

Google has just released MyGlass 3.0 for Android and it brings two new features, along with an improved user interface and some bug fixes. The new app now allows you to share a Google Maps location from your Android device directly on your Glass to start navigation and it can also connect Glass to WiFi networks without requiring you to scan a QR code.

You can watch the screenshots below to see the new app and its features. It looks a bit better, but we’ve had some trouble with the location sharing feature. After I shared the location from Android to Glass, it didn’t manage to find directions and it got frozen on the error screen. I’m not sure yet if it’s because I’m still running XE17 as I haven’t received the XE17.1 update yet.

In order to connect Glass to a new WiFi network, tap the button in the upper right corner in MyGlass, choose the network and enter the password. Glass will automatically connect to the network.

The location sharing is done directly from Google Maps and you don’t have to interact with MyGlass at all. Enter a location, click its name on the bottom of the screen, tap share and choose Glass. Google Glass will receive the location and show you the navigation directions.

If you’re outside the US, check our article to download the MyGlass 3.0 apk directly from our website, as you won’t be able to get it from the Play Store.