How To Factory Reset Google Glass

Unfortunately Google Glass isn’t always straightforward and there are things that you might not know how to do, like a factory reset. But it’s really simple to factory reset Google Glass, thankfully.

If you’re planning to add another account to it, sell it, offer it as a gift or just get rid of all the data on your Google Glass, then a factory reset is the best solution for you. You should know that everything will be erased, so you might want to make a backup beforehand in order to be sure you don’t lose something you might actually need.

We we will first let you know how to perform a factory reset, but if you need to make a backup, then read the second section first to be sure you don’t lose anything.

How To Factory Reset Google Glass

In order to factory reset your device, you have to head over to Settings and swipe to the Device info. Now you have to tap again and you will find Factory Reset. Here you must tap on it and confirm that you want to perform the factory reset.

Once you confirm, there’s nothing that can be done to stop the operation and everything will be lost. You should know that only files that are actually on the device will be deleted and not those stored in Google’s cloud. But to be safe, you should make a backup before and here’s how to do it.

Factory Reset From Fastboot Mode

If you have USB Debugging enabled on your Glass, then you can hard reset it from Fastboot mode.

First you will have to read our tutorials to enable USB Debugging and enter fastboot mode.

Once you are in fastboot mode, open Command prompt, navigate to the location where you installed the Android SDK and find the adb.exe file. While you are in its location, enter the following commands:

$ fastboot erase cache
$ fastboot erase userdata

How to Backup Google Glass

In order to backup your Google Glass, you will have to connect it either to a computer or to a charger.

To backup your Glass on the computer, connect it through the USB cable and copy the media files. If you want to do it wirelessly on Google Plus, then enable WiFi and connect Glass to the charger. The Google Plus auto backup will begin and it shouldn’t take long.

If you encounter any issues, let us know and we will do our best to help you.

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  • pinnacle

    i’m stucked at the HOME STOPPED UNEXPECTEDLY (bootloop) – i tried to hard reboot by holding on the the power button for more than 15sec….NOT WORKING too….HOW TO HARD REBOOT PLZ

    • Alex Dumitru

      Do you have USB Debugging enabled ? You could hard reset from there.

      I will update this article to let you know how to hard reset from ADB.

      • Thomas Tang

        i have the same question !
        USB Debugging disabled .
        help me ! PLZ

        • Alex Dumitru

          Try to let the battery discharge completely. We’ve had some problems with it too and this fixed it. But make sure it discharges entirely. Even if it turns off when the battery drains, turn it back on multiple times until you can’t turn it on anymore.

          Once you can’t turn it on at all, plug it in and let it charge.

          • Thomas Tang

            ok ,i’ll try it ! thx a lot !

          • Alex Dumitru

            I hope it works. I don’t have any other idea without USB debugging, unfortunately.

            Please let me know if it does.

          • Thomas Tang

            it not works .thank you very much for help me .

          • Alex Dumitru

            I’m sorry to hear that. You should contact Google support then.

  • surfer_sandiego

    I was able to recover my google glass finally after being stuck on bootloop for last month or so. Below are the steps I followed;

    1) I never had USB debugging enabled on my glass, so when my glass was stuck at boot there was no way for me to proceed ahead.

    2) I put my glass in fastboot mode first, to do this power off completely the glass by holding power down for approx 10-15 sec.

    3) Once off, I pressed camera button (kept it pressed) and then pressed power button for maybe 4 seconds. After this I let go of the power button while holding the camera button down still. After some time the LED went off and started doing short slow bursts of glow. At this time I let go of the camera button. The LED continued to follow that short slow burst of LED movement.

    4) Now I connected my glass to USB on my MAC and tried the command fastboot devices which showed me the serial number. Next I tried the fastboot erase cache and fastboot erase userdata command but no luck as it kept throwing errors as FAIL (remote).

    5) Next I powered on my Fedora Linux machine and tried the same commands, I had to update my c libraries previously to make fastboot work as it wasnt at first shot. Anyways once I got the ADK to work and fastboot devices to show me serial of my glass. I tried again to erase cache and userdata but it failed again, I upped my privileges by using sudo command and now the command worked. So command used was sudo fastboot erase cache and it worked.

    6) Anyways after erasing still my glass didnt recover so I actually had to manually push the images to glass using the below commands in sequence.

    $ fastboot devices
    $ fastboot flash boot boot.img
    $ fastboot flash system system.img
    $ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    $ fastboot erase cache
    $ fastboot erase userdata

    And after this I gave the glass a power off and on cycle and boom my glass was back in business. I hope this works for everyone

    • Thomas Tang

      cool !

  • Johnny Sung

    I have the same question just as same as Thomas’s.
    I have tried holding power button 15 secs but not work.
    I boot into fastboot mode, wired USB to my MAC and using these commands in this page

    $ fastboot devices
    0168376C04013001 fastboot
    $ fastboot oem unlock

    (bootloader) Warning: Unlocking your device will void your warranty
    (bootloader) and erase your personal data from the device.
    (bootloader) Run “fastboot oem unlock” again to confirm.
    (bootloader) Device still locked.
    OKAY [ 0.001s]
    finished. total time: 0.001s
    $ fastboot oem unlock

    (It hangs.)

    $ fastboot flash boot boot.img

    (It hangs again and saw nothing.)


    Have somebody ever tried these commands in MAC?
    Only Linux will work?