Metaio Glass App Will Transform You Into Your Personal Car Mechanic

New information regarding the Google Glass is adding up to the threads on the subject. In the past couple of days Metaio, the world-wide leader in Augmented Reality technology, announced that they are developing a new application for the Glass meant to help car owners in distress. So, this might be of interest if you have found yourself in the situation of dealing with a car problem back in the past, and you had to go through all that trouble of finding a mechanic or a tow service.

At the moment, if you want to know how to fix your own car, you have to grab the instruction manual or, if you want a closer approach, a do-it-yourself magazine. In the instruction manual of the car, you will find information about the system your car is using. A do-it-yourself article or book will put you to work and guide you through basic steps such as replacing a timing belt, changing the brake oil and so on. But according to Metaio, in the near future we will have an alternative to all that, a usual Google search. By doing so, you will be receiving all the guidance you need for fixing the car yourself.

Because the idea of having a laptop in a mechanic shop or a garage is genuinely bad, because it might get dirty, the engineers from Metaio thought that it would be a far better idea to receive that information through a device you don’t have to interact with via touch. And if not the Glass, than which device could be more appropriate for such an operation? Besides, the app is able to provide you with guidance for fixing a wide range of car parts and engine models.

After a few debates, we got to the conclusion that the best part of the app is the ability of overlaying diagrams and other data over the component in the very moment you are looking at it. More than that, it is also able to recognize almost instantly the car part you’re looking at without requiring any GPS data, tags on similar objects or other markers. Metaio is proud to announce this app prototype as the first of this kind in the world.

The bottom line is that we can barely wait this year’s Inside AR conference, on the 10th of October. During this event (held in Munich, Germany) we are going to see the official presentation of the app. Regardless to any inside-lab test or demonstration, we should see how the app behaves in real-life situations. Peter Meier, the CTO at Metaio mentioned that the app will be compatible with gadgets such as Epson and Vuzix. Meier also stated that they are marking a milestone in Augmented Reality technology and that we should except more amazing apps starting with this year’s Inside AR Conference.

The question now is, will the company stop at the automobile industry, or is this just the beginning?