New Glass Model Features 2 Gigs Of Ram, Improved Battery Life

Recently, Google begun shipping the new Glass model;  although it looks the same, it’s not the same version Explorers have been buying so far, and there are no official announcements related to what will happen to the old versions of Glass or if they’re going to be upgraded at some point in the future.

The giant search company announced in the official statement that in the new Glass version, they will be doubling the RAM memory, extending it to 2 GB of RAM.

To be more precise, Steve Lee – Google’s Product Manager said in an interview for the Verge that they’re planning to improve Glass’s productivity by making it faster, stronger and have better multitasking “skills”. He added that this way Glass could be more reliable as well, but that doesn’t depend on the hardware only, but also on the software used with it.

Google has no plans on upgrading the previous Glass version

At the moment, Glass ships the new Glass versions in UK and US. When asked about the plans for upgrading the previous version, whether it’s paid or free, a company’s spokesman responded that there are no plans concerning that matter for now.

More than that, he said that when the first version of Glass was exchanged in November 2013, when the next version appeared, as a way of thanking early adopters for the support and also because the old version couldn’t incorporate frames, that came in January 2014. As for the battery update that came along with another hardware update made in March, he says that since they haven’t done any exchange for previous hardware updates in the past, they don’t see why they should do it now. He also added that regardless to this particular situation, the most notable improvements for Glass are software related, so people should pay more attention to that in the near future.

Probably some of the Explorers will try to get that exchange anyway, by reporting issues with their current Glass. A lot of comments on this situation appeared at Google’s announcement, and we’re expecting to see a lot of rumor on that soon.

The new Glass model is called…

Unknown, for now. Nobody knows what to call it, because after last year’s incident when online communities called the previous Glass model Glass 2.0, when Google responded officially and asked us not to call it that anymore, people have been restrained in calling Glass “names”. And to be frank, they did have only minor hardware upgrades in the past, and this includes the March battery upgrade Google’s spokesman was referring to.

On Google’s product page, you will see three models listed under Glass’s name: X1, XEB and the third XE-C. But we’re still susceptible on using those name models, so we’ll just wait for Google to give us the name of this final model.

Expect for a new software update

In Google’s official announcement regarding the new Glass model, a new XE software update is mentioned to appear next week and it’s supposed to bring the viewfinder functionality. Stay tuned, we’ll bring you news about it soon.