New Glass Patent Reveals New And Interesting Hipster Design

Considering the latest rumors I found regarding Google’s future products, I can definitely draw a conclusion and state that if any company could change the future of technologic industries and public services, in a good way of course, than that company is Google. Even if not all of its devices will be a raging success, they will certainly enrich the history of gadget evolution. I mention these, because the search giant’s latest patent underlines exactly the above: apparently, the company will make another statement, by designing the Hipster Glasses. No, this is not a joke. Read further for more info.

At the moment, the product might have passed over the patent phase. Designed for prescription lenses, meaning it also has a practical use, I’m pretty sure that this product could reach the store shelves.

At its essence, the product you’re looking at now, is just a derivation from the original Google Glasses. I mean, they have all the tools and functions in between the frames, and if needed, you could also attach your own lens on those frames. If you would be using them for finishing a work task, you might find them quite useful and easy to interact with.

But if the final design is going to look as the one in the picture above, then they might not be so fancy to wear after all. Would you wear them? I don’t think I would, because people might think I am either a total show-off, or a complete douche bag.

In the end, I leave you with a statement from David Sedaris, who once said that usually fashion doesn’t age good, but that the eyeglasses are left behind even more, for a special treatment. With this in mind, I can only think about the large frames full of wires that connect those modules. It seems that Google has its own limitations after all.

The bottom line is that Google has once again created a device meant to keep you more connected to the online environments, in the detriment of the real human interaction. And, by wearing them, people could also consider you an ass and not approach you anyway. I’ll come back with updates on the product, when I’ll have more information.