New Google Glass App Helps EV Drivers Find Charging Stations

Google Glass users can now enjoy one new app that can help them find nearby charging stations for electric vehicles. The app has been developed by SemaConnect, which produces charging stations for EVs.

The app uses augmented reality to improve navigation and offers turn-by-turn directions to the nearest charging station in a 20-mile radius.

According to Mahi Reddy, CEO and founder of SemaConnect, they have developed the Google Glass because so the users don’t have to take their hands off the wheel anymore and to focus on the road.

“The big advantage to using the Google Glass is that the user need not take her hands off the wheel or her eyes off the road. This enhances safety while driving and provides the user with a significant capability.

While this seems fair to many, regulators beg to differ and they are trying to outlaw wearing Glass while driving in a number of US states.

Until now users have been using SemaConnect’s website on their mobile phone, which can be more distracting than Glass while driving. The company has probably done its research and we believe they realized that a lot of EV drivers are also Google Glass users, as both groups of customers fall into the same category – tech savvy people.

This is just one of the many apps released recently that can turn Google Glass into a very useful device, that makes our lives easier without requiring very much involvement on our side. Instead of typing the website’s address on the smartphone, waiting to load and getting directions, you can use just voice commands to ask your Glass to get you to the closest charging station.