Patent Hints Google Glass Design Overhaul

Even though Google Glass brings along a lot of convenient features and applications and makes the user’s life a lot easier, the device is still receiving a lot of critics related to its appearance. Practically, the hate level is so high that a lot of specialists begun to wonder if this characteristic is going to blow Glass’s chances on the market when it’s going to be released.

But tech specialists aren’t the only ones who believe that Glass’s looks could be a major decision factor for potential customers; apparently, Google does too. Recently, the search giant was granted a US patent for Glass, which presents a huge design change in the device’s aesthetic.

We refer here to the US patent 8,705,177 B1, which was granted to Google on the 22nd of April this year. The project describes a head wearable PC, which contains a display able to render CGI, or computer-generated images and lenses disposed so that the CGI emitted from them, would be directed towards the user’s eye. So, if this patent isn’t describing a new Glass look, then it probably describes a new head mounted computer (which isn’t very likely to happen).

As you know, Google has received its fair share of critics for the bulky design of their Glass device and everyone was waiting for them to act in some way. And if we think about it, the new Glass patent could be the result of Google’s partnership with Luxottica, which produces glass frames for well-known brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada and Chanel.

However, the new design won’t come fast enough to spare Google from all the negative feedback it keeps receiving and more and more users are being harassed, assaulted or socially rejected because of how Glass looks like. Just google the word Glasshole and you’ll see what we mean. Probably a combination between OLED technology and the design featured by patent 8,705,177 B1 could save the day, but only if it comes soon enough for people start enjoying the new look.

Bringing new technology on the market can be pretty tough right now and the customer’s expectations are sky rocketed. But Google is definitely trying hard to bring its new device on the right track and please its clients. Do you believe that the new design would change people’s perspective on Google Glass and be less suspicious and angry on other people that use it? Or do you believe that the matter goes way further than its looks? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.