Play Music Drains Glass’ Battery in Hours, So Don’t Toss Your iPod Just Yet

When Google released Play Music for Glass, people have been really enthusiastic, as it’s great to use a device that stays on your head all day long for every stuff you need. And we were hoping that Play Music could make us listen to music directly from Glass, instead of a smartphone or media player. But there are some big drawbacks, unfortunately.

Starting the music player is as easy as you could imagine. You just order Glass to start playing a song by using the command “Listen to “. Another advantage is that you don’t have to stick with the headphones or earbuds cables, considering that Glass is already on your ears.

In order to use Play Music, you can use either the bone conductor, mono earburd or the stereo earbuds. The bone conductor is definitely not a good idea, as it lacks quality and you can’t hear it in relatively noisy areas. While the mono earbud can be decent, people usually prefer to use two pieces, so you’ll have to rack $85 for the stereo earbuds on Google’s store.

Unfortunately the stereo earbuds are really expensive, though it could be worth the price when considering that you’ve already paid a whopping $1,500 for Glass and you won’t have to stick with cables from your years to your pants. But here comes another problem and a really big one. Battery life. While most media players can play music for literally days with a battery charge, Glass’ one will only live for a few years, if you’re lucky and don’t use it for something else. And we don’t expect anyone to stick a $1,500 device on their head just for this, so this makes it pretty useless when it comes to music.

We expect a future iteration to come with better battery life and also an improved battery management, but for now Google can’t be used for music, so you’ll have to stick to your smartphone or media player.

What’s your experience with Google Glass and Play Music ? We’re curious to find out about the battery life and if you’re satisfied with the audio quality.