Recon Jet, a Google Glass Alternative for Athletes, is Now Available For Pre-Order

Recon Instruments has just announced Recon Jet, a Google Glass alternative designed especially for runners, cyclists and triathletes. The device is already available for pre-order and it’s priced at $599, though it’s not going to be the final version, according to Recon Instruments.

The device’s full name is Recon Jet Pilot Edition and it’s similar to Google Glass, though has a more sporty design. It’s also based on Google Android, though they are not affiliated with the company. Recon Jet is only focused on sports, so at the moment it only offers information related to this, including heart rate, speed, pace, distance, time, and vertical ascent. And if it will only remain like this, we see no point picking the Recon Jet instead of Google Glass, considering that Google’s device offers much more information and there will surely be a lot of apps for runners and cyclists soon. If we also consider that Glass can use the information that Google is able to gather, then it might prove to be a much useful product.

Recon Jet will soon release a SDK for developers to create third-party apps for the device and the company mentioned that major health and fitness organization are going to develop apps for their device.

The gadget features a 1 Ghz dual-core CPU with a dedicated GPU, WiFi, ANT+, GPS, a 720p HD camera, Bluetooth and a suite of sensors. You can watch Recon Jet in action in the video below. It does look cool, doesn’t it ?

It’s good to see that other companies besides Google are working on such devices, because competition is always better. This means we’ll soon have some devices to pick from and prices should also go down. In two years wearable devices should become the norm, as everyone is preparing to release smartwatches and some are working on Glass-like gadgets.