Samsung To Reveal Gear Glass This Year

After fully immersing in the wearable technology market releasing  the Gear Smartwatch family, Samsung decided to turn its attention to smart glasses. A recent report from Business Korea brings into public attention that the Korean company is working on a Google Glass competitor dubbed Gear Glass.

The new device is expected along with the launch of the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet. There is no surprise that Samsung will adopt such a marketing plan as the already old Galaxy Gear smartwatch was released alongside with the Note 3. It now seems that Samsung has learned a lot after releasing the original Gear smartwatch. Poor sales due to a even poorer marketing strategy forced the company to release new models just a few months later in Barcelona in order to get back on track.

The new Google Glass competitor namely Gear Glass is rumored to be powered by Tizen OS that also brings life into the Gear 2 smartwatches. As for the design, thanks to Google’s efforts and innovation we won’t see something very different. According to a recent patent the entire front side resembles a design we’re all already accustomed to.

Good integration with the Galaxy family is also to be expected, but further details still remain uncertain. If we take a look at other patents Samsung has recently filled a virtual keyboard for the Galaxy Gear would not be that far-fetched while voice commands as well as other functions related to the front camera represent a must. As for the price things remain uncertain also but it would come as no surprise if the South Korean company will chose to retail Gear Glass somewhere near the $1500 price tag. If there is money to be made and Google already proved that many folks are willing to throw that much on wearable tech, why not?