PWRGlass Manages to More Than Double Glass’s Battery Life

is an accessory created to extend Glass’ battery life and the company behind it started testing their product. This works as an extended battery attached to Google Glass and it can also keep the device on your head safer. It does look a bit bulky, though it might not be that bad in real use.

According to PWRGlass’ makers, they’re able to shoot up to 2:22 of video, while without it the battery will last close to an hour. For those who want to extend their Glass’ battery life, it might be a really nice product, though I doubt there’s a market for this accessory right now, considering that Glass is still in beta.

We don’t know how the battery life will be on the final product, but we hope that Google is going to improve it. And PWRGlass could then extend it even more, for those who want a really long battery life.

You can watch the video below to learn about PWRGlass and also see the team behind it going to Los Angeles to pick up one more Glass. The 1:30 hours video is condensed in only 7 minutes and it’s really interesting.

We didn’t get our hands on PWRGlass yet, as it’s probably still in a testing phase just for the company, but if you manage to give it a try, please let us know about it. We’re curious how does it feel on your head and how much it does increase the battery life.