Google Glass Geeks is pretty much exactly what our website name suggests – a project backed up by Google Glass fans and developers who are always up to date with the latest news and apps in the field. Being one of the first publications exclusively dedicated to Glass , we aim to become your number #1 resource in terms of news, glassware and guides. We are nothing but certain that Glass will be next big thing in terms of wearable technology and we invest all our time and effort to create a friendly ecosystem for both developers and future users. Here at Glass Geeks, our main concern is content quality so stick with us to find more about Google’s awesome wearable gadget and app releases.

Meet the team

Andrei Riciu

One of the Google Glass Geeks website founders, Riciu is a young doctor who loves reporting about wearable technology and latest Glass app releases. He managed to purchase Glass by exploiting a glitch in Google’s order system that was left open after the April 15th sale while also making the rounds around the web with his achievement that day. When he is not active on our forums or not sharing a newly discovered app with other Explorers he works hard designing his own native Glass medical app. He dreams to make it widely available worldwide within healthcare systems after the consumer release.

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Alex Dumitru

Alex is a young online entrepreneur and Glass Explorer way back since Project Glass was officially launched.  He is the man in charge with the website coding and maintenance.  Besides his biggest love, Google Glass he is fond of Android powered smartphones, Java, PHP and obviously HTML 5.  By the time he turned 18, roughly 7 years ago he managed to already drive more than 100 million visits to his tech blogs.  When he is not writing guides on how to root your Glass or performing a new XE software version teardown you can find him online on Steam playing Dota 2.

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Liviu Anca

Liviu is 26 and, even though he has a master’s degree in economics, his real passion is technology. He got his first writing job when he was 19 and since then he worked for several important tech outlets. He discovered Android back in 2008 and since then he managed to own dozens of Android phones. After trying out the Pebble he fell in love with smart wearables. Now he’s an integral part of the Google Glass Geeks team. Liviu will try his best to keep you up to date with the latest news from the smart eyewear and wearable world.

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Bogdan Pirvu

Bogdan is a computer engineer with a rich background in tech news reporting. Having worked for several major Android publications in the past he joined our effort to create a friendlier Glass ecosystem out of pure passion for smart eyewear. Being fluent in 3 foreign languages that include Chinese (Mandarin), French and Spanish he loves scavenging the international press for hot news stories on wearable technology. His offline passions include cycling, soccer and cooking.

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Mircea Matei

Mircea spends most of his time divided between writing shifting gear software for Renault and developing apps for Android and Glass. He loves programming mainly because it’s in his nature not to trust people. He firmly states that computers and Java, unlike people never let him down. Now and then you can find him drinking a beer in Bucharest’s old town accompanied by his oldest pal, a MacBook Pro running Windows 7.


Ramona Stan

Ramona has become a Glass Explorer recently and she’s very enthusiastic about her device. She is passionate about tech and fashion. She sees Google Glass and similar devices as a great combination between the two. Along with Glass, she also owns a Google Nexus 5 smartphone and a Nexus 10 tablet. Here at Google Glass Geeks she will try to keep you updated with the latest news on Glass’s journey in the fashion world.

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