Dubai Police Will Use Google Glass And Facial Recognition To Identify Suspects

As you probably know, the United Arab Emirates (also known as UAE) is a country that is growing and developing at a very high pace; this growth can be attributed to revenues generated from oil and trade. Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE and it is also one of the most luxurious cities in the world, thanks to the aforementioned growth that is continuing at the same accelerated pace. Knowing all this makes it easier to understand why the Dubai police patrols use Lamborghini Aventadors as their service vehicles and why they will begin using Google Glass in order to catch criminals. Being able to drive a Lamborghini Aventador at work and using Google Glass to catch criminals are two very important reasons for aspiring to be a police officer in Dubai.

As you know Google Glass is actively used in wide range of fields, from the medical field, to sports and even education. Well, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Google’s innovative wearable device is going to be used be a police department. The interesting part is the version of Google Glass that is going to be used by Dubai police officers to catch criminals is going to feature a face recognition app that is going to help them identify possible suspects on the spot. The use of face recognition technology is going to become widespread around the world, as many institutions adopt it (for example the Federal Bureau of Investigation is working on advanced facial recognition technology).

Back to this article’s topic, Dubai police officers are going to be equipped with Google Glass devices. Reuters reports that the Google Glass version that is going to be used by police officers from Dubai is going to feature a custom developed face recognition app that will connect to the Dubai police database and if a suspect’s face matches one of the entries from the Dubai police database, the police officer wearing Glass will be notified on Google Glass’ display. The facial recognition software uses a face print to search for a match (in the online database), according to Col Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director general of Dubai Police. If a match is found, the police officer will receive an alert, with the name’s suspect.

Apparently before being adopted by all police members, Google Glass will undergo a trial period. During this trial period, it will only be used by traffic enforcers to stop traffic violations. So at first Google Glass will be used to track speeding vehicles and identify potential suspects. Coupled with the fact that, as we mentioned in the opening paragraph, Dubai police officers drive Lamborghini Aventador vehicles, it will be pretty hard for people breaking the speed limit not to be caught. If the trial period will be successful, Google Glass will also be used by detectives in order to stop a different kind of crimes than traffic violations. The price tag of a Google Glass device is $1,500, though a police department that affords to buy Lamborghini Aventadors for its officers, shouldn’t find Glass’ price tag to be high.