2015 Hyundai Genesis to be Compatible With Google Glass

Lately most car manufacturers started integrating the latest technologies with their cars and this time Hyundai made a great announcement for Google Glass owners or future owners. The Korean maker has announced that their 2015 Genesis will come with Google Glass integration, allowing the driver to start the engine, unlock the car, or locate it remotely by using Glass.

The integration could help Glass users even more, as they’re planning to send push notifications to the device whenever maintenance is scheduled. This year at CES we’ve seen a lot of tech-enabled cars, along with the all-electric ones, which proves that manufacturers have to focus more and more on technology, as people become more savvy.

It’s really good news for Google Glass too, considering that there are only a few tens of thousands of users and companies are already embracing the yet unreleased product.

Hyundai Motor America executive director Barry Ratzlaff made a pretty obvious statement, along with the announcement for the upcoming 2015 Genesis:

Wearables are a great way to extend the experience outside of the vehicle by leveraging these small screens to quickly access remote features and deliver timely vehicle information.

The Korean automaker has showcased their integration at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, this week, and it does look really well. It’s basically an app that helps Google Glass to integrate with the car’s functions and we’ve seen this already in previous models, but with smartphones instead of the wearable device.

We’ve yet to see how lawmakers are going to treat Google Glass while driving. We previously reported you that Cecilia Abadie got a driving ticket for wearing Google Glass and she is currently fighting the ticket. If she manages to win, then we’re going to have a precedent.

Most major technology companies and automakers are working on car-integration. Samsung has been filling patents in the US and South Korea for technology dedicated to electric vehicles.

2014 is considered the year of wearable devices and we expect to see more and more car integration, as vehicles remained behind with technology lately, but now companies are struggling to catch up and surpass their competitors. Electric vehicles could also make a difference, as they are easier to control than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.