Hotel Near App Now Available For Google Glass Users

It has been a month since the introduction of the new Glassware Hotel Near Me. If you don’t know what this is, then you should know that it would help you find a nearby hotel using Glass and that it has been developed by the online travel agency Destinia.

The point of recalling this app is that now Destinia has officially launched it and you can find it on the website You can download it as an APK software and after this side-load it on Glass. Don’t head over to the official Glassware directory, because it’s not yet available there.

Destinia also described some of the app’s main functionalities in the news release they offered. Practically, the software will use Glass’s GPS to establish the user’s location and point where in his area he can find hotels; the user can also filter the search by hotel prices. After finding the hotel that best suits the user’s needs, he can select it and browse for more information regarding its services, location and more specific details on how to get there.

So, if you’ll install it you will be able to inspect all the hotels in your area, by simply commanding Glass what to show you next –of course, it works on voice command too, not just on touch pad commands or gestures. You can also see an AR version of the hotel and its whereabouts if needed. As soon as you select your accommodation, you will also be able to make reservations on using Google Glass. In the end, if you’d need any directions to get there, Glass will also provide this info as well.

With the new Glass app, HotelNearMe, we get to experience one of the devices “first”: the first app that allows the user to book a reservation by using Google Glass – that if the description offered by Destinia was accurate. Too bad Google didn’t upload it yet on the official directory, it would have been easier for us to deal with it.

This isn’t the only Glassware that can provide hotel information, as there are plenty travel related apps, but none of them are so specific and none of them provides the option to book a hotel room via Glass. The one app that gets close to HotelNearMe app’s type of information is the official Starwood Hotel app, but even this one won’t allow you to make reservations via Glass.