Best Google Glass Accessories

Below you will find a list of all best Google Glass accessories released up to date. This post will be updated periodically in order to include all worth mentioning Glass accessories along  with a short description,  review and where you can buy them. If you discovered/created a new Glass accessory and would like us to review it and include it in our list feel free to send us an email using our contact form.

Glass Pouch

The original Glass package contains a small pouch which can be used to carry Glass when you travel. This carrying pouch is probably the most useful Glass accessory as there are no stands or docks available yet that can hold the device while you are not playing with it. It is made entirely from recycled materials (Japanese miro-fiber)  it is extremely lightweight and yet very durable. It also has a small degree of waterproof capability.

If you happened to lose or damage your pouch you can buy an extra one for $50.

Buy an extra pouch from

Glass USB Charger

Google Glass also comes with a standard USB charger meaning that you can use it to charge the device using your laptop or desktop. The cable has the two ends colored differently meaning that you will always know which end to plug in your computer and Glass. While charging Glass the USB charger also helps the device stand on different types of surfaces as it designed with a 90 degree angle that is pointing to the rear.  Like the Glass puch, an extra USB charger will cost you around $50 and it is also available in the official Glass store.

Buy an extra USB charger

Glass Shades

After unboxing Google Glass you will find the pair of shades chosen when ordering but not a shield. While shades are designed to improve your experience while wearing the device outdoors the shield is designed only for protection and low light situations.  An extra pair of Glass shades will cost you $175. The shield is $75.

A full review of the Glass shades can be found here.

Buy original Glass shades and shield

Glass Mono & Stereo Ear Buds

By default Glass comes with a mono ear bud designed to improve sound quality during usage in crowded environments. The sound is loud enough at high volume and very clear. An extra ear bud accessory for Glass will cost you $50.

Glass stereo ear buds are a must have for those found of listening to music or simply don’t want to use the built-in Glass bone conduction system. We’ve bought a pair and reviewed them for you here.  Remember that this Glass accessory must be bought aside as it does not come with the original package.

Buy an extra mono ear bud or stereo ear buds from

After market Google Glass Accessories List

Colored Glass Shades

The Colored shades for Google Glass accessory can bring a lot of cool factor in the picture while also protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays. These shades are manufactured using cutting edge 3D technology to create the durable material and wide range of colors.

Solid as well as gradient colors are available for ordering.

Solid colors include: red, green, orange, purple, pink and blue.

Style Gradient: Blue/Green.

Price:  $189.99

Buy colored Glass shades accessory from


GlassKap is a 3D printed platic cover for Google Glass that helps you avoid being called a Glasshole. A wide range of models and colors will put most curious and suspicious people at ease. Prism protectors are also available. For more details visit their kickstarter page

Price: $8.72

Buy GlassKap from here.



Basically Remotte is a Google Glass accessory that communicates with your device making you able to control pretty much everything without having to touch your temple.  Remotte has a wide range of sensors and touch surface that will save you a lot of headaches when navigating on Glass. Initially launched under its creators paused the found raising until more Glass devices are sold. You can pre-order though the accessory from their official webpage


Our Google Glass accessories list could not be complete without some battery boosters for your device. GazerG is exactly that. We all know that Glass isn’t yet that gadget you can take with you even on short trips with without a charger or an extra battery pack. Although we have not tested  it yet, according to its makers you should get around 1.5x more battery life. GazerG packs a 750mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack that can charge simultaneously with Glass while plugged in your USB port.

Price: $125

Pre-order from