Best Google Glass Driving Apps

More and more states are thinking of adopting the legislation according to which Glass cannot be used while driving. And the main argument is that having a tiny display on, right in front of your eye, could be distracting. So, researchers out there have begun conducting studies to see just how distracting Glass can be, compared to the average smartphone. According to first results, Google’s wearable device is less distracting, however this doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe to use when driving a car.

Even though this matter is still in discussion, people who own Glass continue to create new Glass experiences while driving, and Glassware developers begun creating applications that can lessen Glass use while being on the road. With the help of this type of software, driving could be safer and more enjoyable. Sadly, people don’t seem to use them that much, so we decided to round up the best Glass driving apps out now.

Google Glass Voidstar AutoHud App

In order to use this software, you need to spend a little extra cash and buy a OBD-to-Bluetooth adapter. It costs $15 and you have to install it in your Glass, meaning you have to get under the hood and temper with the hardware. But if you’re willing to take these steps, after you’ve installed the adapter and the app, on your Glass you’ll see displayed at all times information like fuel, car speed, MPG, and tachometer.


Glassware Speedometer App

This app doesn’t do that much, it can only display the car speed on Glass. Pretty handy, if you don’t want to keep looking down every time you have to check this.

Download here

DriveSafe App

This software is designed to use Glass’s sensors and is able to detect if the driver is falling asleep at the wheel. If so, it can alert him and waking him up. Also, after giving the signal it will also display the nearest resting point with driving indications. Practically, it’s safer to drive a long road using it.

Download DriveSafe here.

INRIX Traffic Application

Unlike the other apps, this one won’t provide you anything more than traffic tips. For instance, it can help you avoid the most congested areas, suggest alternative routes and avoid blockages on the road. So, if you’re daily suffering from these causes, you should definitely give this app a try.

Download Inrix here.

Hyundai’s Application

The smart guys at Hyundai have already integrated optional Glass usage in the system of the model Hyundai 2015 Genesis, which has a Glass app which allows you to use your Glass for locking/unlocking doors, or calling for road assistance. Quite handy if you own this car and Glass.

As you can see, every app has its own strong point, so it practically depends on the type of driver you are. For example, if you want to keep on eye your car indicators, go for Voidstar AutoHud or Glassware Speedometer. If you usually drive late at night, early in the morning or just for a long time, you should consider software like DriveSafe.

If you’re already using any of these apps or other that haven’t been mentioned, feel free to share a thought and tell us how they worked for you.