Best Google Glass Travel Apps

Robert Louis Stevenson said once that “there are no foreign lands; it is the traveler only who is foreign.” And by using Google Glass when traveling, you will no longer be a foreigner to those lands, as you can explore, translate and discover all their secrets with this device. Even though Glass is only beginning its journey through the world, it has already been on all the continents, almost all the countries and the Explorers are those who get to shape Glass’s future so that everyone else can get the best of it.

Nowadays, it is important to be able to use technology on the go by eliminating transport limitations, and Google as well as other businesses and technicians, already know this and by developing Glass, they’re pushing technology to a whole new level. Now you have easy voice access to navigation, search and a camera but this is only a small part of what the device can actually do. And when it comes to traveling, Glass is all set and ready to assist you with almost everything. Check out these Glass travel apps!

Best 7 Google Glass Travel Apps


While all of us like to travel, flying by plane to your destination could not always be something you look forward to, especially when you have dealt in the past with flight cancellations, gate changes, overbooked flights, delays and so on. As a traveling fan and smartphone owner you might have heard about TripIt, which can now be used on Google Glass too. Recently added to the Glassware list, the app will display on Glass travel plans and flight information. By enabling it on your Glass and connecting to your TripIt account you will be able to see all these game changing situation early; the app will be sending you cards with information like flight cancellations or delays, gate changes and so on in real time.

Of course, you could have checked that on your smartphone, but perhaps you can’t pull it out from your pocket when you receive the notification – this is why it’s handier to receive it directly on your Glass. As a Pro user you could even find alternative flights using your Glass and you will find it to be very useful when you’re late for your flight and have a lot of information to gather.

Field Trip

This Glassware developed by Google’s Niantic Labs will provide information on the history and culture of the places you visit. So, if when visiting San Francisco you want to know historical facts such as when the bridge was built or other places you can visit, Field Trip is the perfect app for you: the above-your-eye guide that will always provide you facts about the new towns and historical monuments you visit on your journey. So that you can always be informed and aware of your whereabouts.

After installing Field Trip, you will constantly receive on your Glass timeline, cards containing the above mentioned information and read them yourself when you get to them or set Glass to read them out loud for you. You will be receiving facts related to the architecture, food, art and history of the town, and you can also let the app do the field research for you by enabling the “Explore Nearby option of the app. In conclusion, this awesome piece of software can be the perfect tour guide in any country or new place you visit.

Word Lens

This software was the first of its kind to appear on Glass and it’s a great traveling tool for those of you who like visiting exotic countries and need a translation guide. The software speaks for itself, literally; all you have to do when using it is to say the magic formula “Ok Glass, translate…” and then point the camera towards the text until you can see it framed by the translation case; in just a couple of seconds the words in the case will change to the language you previously selected.

By using this software you will have easy access to translations from any language on the globe (even Chinese, Vietnamese and anything else you can think of) and the best part is that you don’t even need Internet connection when using it; whether you’re in China, Nepal or Romania, you will always know what restaurants menus are offering you.


Another interesting app, recently turned into Glass software is OpenTable; a service that allows you to make lunch or dinner reservations to a list of restaurants with no extra-charge. Yes, indeed, you won’t have to pay anything to use this service and after installation, all you’d have to do is say the command “Make a reservation”; also, if you don’t where you want to eat, you can use the nearby section to find a suitable restaurant for you.

OpenTable allows you to select the number of people that will be joining you for the meal, the date and time, directly from your Glass, and it will save your selection for a following reservation; also you can see if you had any previous reservations there. On the app, you can check a set of pictures of the restaurant you chose and ratings from other people that ate there before you. However, if you want to cancel the reservation you would have to go their website or app in order to do so. But until this point, this new Glassware totally makes things easier, especially when you don’t have time to do your own research.


Whenever you want to see what other places are nearby and if you always like keeping your friends posted about your current location, then the Glass version of Foursquare is exactly what you need. By installing it on your wearable computer, you will be able to visit new places and tell your friends about it by checking in using Glass. This  glassware will provide you a list of close by locations as soon as you say that you want to check in. There are many people who use Foursquare in the present, and using it on Glass is another awesome way to discover new locations and tell your friends about it.


While very simple, the Compass app for Glass can be very useful when you’re hiking in the forest and your smartphone is dead or when sailing on the sea and need to know your whereabouts or the direction you should be heading to. By simply turning your head, Compass Glassware will provide information like how many degrees west you are and where you should be turning to.

Video Voyager

By using this Glassware, whenever a user will be shooting a Glass video, Video Voyager will be pining the location of the user to that place; when another user will pass by, he will receive an invitation to watch that video. Frankly, you can find a lot of awesome videos if you have this app running on your Glass. And of course, you can record your own awesome video for others who use Video Voyager to watch.

This was our list of most useful Glassware when traveling. Care to join the conversation and tell us your opinion on these apps? Please do so, in the comment section below.