Blippar to Release The First Augmented Reality Game For Glass, Along with New Gaming Platform

Blippar, a company known for their revolutionary advertising ideas by using wearables, is now planning to release and augmented reality game.

Their new gaming platform, called Games for Glass, allows users to interact with Glass by using their hands.

In the demo video below you can see the user pointing Glass at a poster with asteroids, which started falling at him on the device’ display. This platform could bring a totally new gaming concept to Glass and I suppose this is one of the reasons we think Google Glass it’s going to be a very cool gadget in the future. All we need right now are some dedicated developers to build nice apps that wouldn’t work on your casual device, like a smartphone.

Google Glass offers new ways of seeing the world and it will most likely become a very great device for games once the ecosystem matures enough. For developers to create such cool apps there also need to be a larger user base and a method of monetization, which I’m very sure Google is working on.