Download Google Glass Icons & Logo

If you’re planning to start developing for Google Glass, you might need the assets like the menu icons, send to glass icons, Glassware installation icons or the Glass logo to use in your app.

All those assets are available for free and you can download them by following the links in this article.

Before using any of the assets, I recommend you to read to make sure you won’t get into any trouble.

Google Glass Menu Icons

This pack contains the menu icons for Google Glass and it comes in sizes of 50×50 and 150×150. These icons can be used in Glassware and I suggest to take a look at them because they are most likely going to be useful.

You can download the menu icons .

Google Glassware Installation Icons

These icons can be used on websites as a button to get the user to download or install your app on Glass.

Below you can see how they look.

Download the installation icons .

Send to Glass Icons

The Send to Glass icons have been designed for websites or mobile apps to allow users to send something directly to their Glass through an allowed Glassware.

You can download the Send to Glass icons .

Google Glass Logo

This is only the Google Glass logo, without any text on it.

Download it .