Dubai Police Force Testing Glass For Further Implementation

Although Google Glass is not yet available to consumers worldwide, the Dubai Police force has recently announced the device usage in order to make driving safer.

According to Gulf News, the Dubai Police department started using Glass coupled with number plate recognition software to identify outlaws as well as to record traffic offenders. Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi in an interview for Gulf News stated that these two apps proved very handy on the busy streets of Dubai.

Google Glass usage within the Dubai Police department is still in the test phase. Al Razooqi stated that the results are very promising and there are high chances we’ll see more Dubai officers wearing the device in the near future.

“One will allow them (cops) to take photos of traffic violations from the Glass, which will go instantly into our system, and the other application helps identify wanted cars,” he said. “We at Dubai Police always try to adopt what is new in the market and we like to stay up-to-date.”

Glass is a piece of wearable tech with a head-mounted display and camera in front of you right eye that can be controlled using voice commands. Since its initial beta release almost 2 years ago it suffered numerous software updates and hardware revisions.

Although not yet available to consumers outside the U.S more and more specialists worldwide from different fields started to adopt Glass like doctors, physicists, engineers or policemen. On the other hand the search engine company still struggles to make the device appealing to the average consumer. Google’s efforts so far seem to be relying mostly on developers to come up with a killer app.