Glass Update XE 20.1 Adds New Features And Improvements

Since last week, Google has started to push the latest software update for Google Glass, the XE 20.1 update. The previous update (XE 19.1), fixed a lot of bugs and also solved many of the problems that Glass users had with the device. This latest update brings improvements and major changes some of them related to contacts. In this article we are going to tell you about the changes brought by the XE 20.1 update.

As we mentioned, the update brings changes related to the contact section: “Your entire phone address book is now available on Glass thanks to Google Contacts. You can access 20 of your most recent and starred contacts by voice and the rest are just a swipe away. Starring a contact is really easy. Just find them in your phone and click the star. If the star is filled in, then the contact has been favorited“. You can also choose whether you want to send an SMS, email or chat via hangouts with a contact.

The update also brings some changes and improvements to Google Now. One of the most interesting new things is that Glass Explorers can now use Google Now to find concerts or festivals near them. The XE 20.1 update also brings a new currency converter card, that can be useful for those times when you quickly need to convert from one currency to another. And that’s not all, as the XE 20.1 update also includes a new card in the settings option. Simply go to the settings bundle and you will find the head nudge card.

The new head nudge card allows you Glass Explorers to turn head nudge on or off. The feature is not new and it allows you to turn off your Google Glass’ display with a head nudge. In order to use the head nudge feature you will have to enable it by toggling the head nudge card from the settings. The XE 20.1 update also updated both the iOS and the Android version of the MyGlass companion app – it will sync the contacts from the People app automatically. It is worth mentioning that if you are an iOS users, you will first have to import your contacts to Google’s servers, but the process is pain free.

Besides all of the above mentioned changes, the XE 20.1 software update for Google Glass also includes new voice actions. The new voice action introduced by the XE 20.1 update are “Mute my microphone” which, as its name implies, will mute the Glass mic; “End this call” which allows Glass Explorers to end a call by voice command; “Play Video” and “change the volume” are self explanatory voice actions, “Delete this” is a voice action that allows you to delete an image or video. Finally, “Make a vignette” is a voice action that allows you to make a vignette.

As you can see, the new XE 20.1 software update is very consistent as it brings a lot of improvements and new features. Not only is the contacts section improved, but you can now enable or disable head nudge from the settings, there are new settings for Google Now, updates for the MyGlass companion app and new voice actions. All in all, the XE 20.1 update is a pretty good update and it will probably make many Glass Explorers happy; you can read the full release notes of the XE 20.1 software update for Google Glass by . What are your thoughts on the XE 20.1 software update? Use the section below to leave a comment.