New Glassware Brings Venice To Google Glass


In our latest articles we talked about Google Glass being adopted by the Dubai police and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, even though Google Glass is not yet officially available to buy in the United Arab Emirates. This little detail however did not stop Dubai authorities from purchasing many Glass devices and equipping traffic enforcers with Glass. Speaking of not being available in other countries than the United States, it doesn’t seem to matter that much as there are all kinds of apps related to cities from countries in which Glass is not officially available. The app that we will talk about in this article is a tourism app for Venice, a city renowned for the beauty of its setting.

The Glassware is named “OK, Venice” and it was developed by Vidiemme Consulting. It will prove to be very useful if you intend to visit Venice as it offers an interactive map that features different objectives located in Venice. At the moment Vidiemme Consulting only implemented six important landmarks from Venice in the app, but it will surely add more in the future. The map will also offer directions to the nearest landmark, or you can choose which to visit and follow the map provided by the Glassware to get there. Once you reach a particular landmark, the OK. Venice app will offer information about the history of the landmark; all you need to do in order to access this info is tap on Glass after you arrived at the desired landmark and you will be given a list of cards with info about the landmark you are seeing.

As we mentioned in the above paragraph, at the moment the “Ok, Venice” app only offers info about six important landmarks from Venice (though more will surely be added in the future). These six landmarks were chosen after a “careful research conducted by Paola Zoffoli, writer and tour guide who work in the city of Venice for more than 10 years, who selected places of high historical value, often unknown to mass tourism.” By following you can see a promo video describing how the “Ok, Venice” Glassware works as an interactive guide for everyone that wishes to visit the beautiful city of Venice.

It is always interesting to see new ways to use Google Glass even though to be honest, touring apps aren’t exactly new on Glass. While it wasn’t released officially in Italy (or in any other country from Europe for that matter), Glass still offers plenty of Glassware dedicated to cities and even countries from Europe. On the other hand, it’s true that touring apps are most useful to people outside Italy, who have never visited Venice before. Ok, Venice isn’t the only glassware of its kind and hopefully even more will make their way to the official Glassware directory. If you own a Glass device and you plan to visit Venice sometime in the future, make sure to check the Ok, Venice app. In the dedicated section below you can leave a comment about the Ok, Venice touring app.