Glass And Wearables At This Year’s Google I/O Conference

Google I/O conference is almost here and we can’t wait to see this year’s trends in tech and the new gadgets that are about to hit the market. We expect this year’s event to focus more on the wearable industry and of course, Google Glass.

This year’s I/O developer conference will be held in San Francisco, on Friday and Saturday, the 25th and 26th of June. Apparently, wearable devices occupy a huge chunk of the program and the main emphasis is on best design practices.

With just a week before the event, Google publicly announced its schedule and just from that, we got a handful of clues regarding what will happen in June and some regarding Google’s plan for the near future. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get to know when will Glass be released for the mass market.

Even though the event targets developers, it is pretty interesting for ordinary folks too. Besides the fact you get to play with a lot of interesting gadgets and you get to better understand the domain, you are also one of those who get to know something big first hand; after all, a couple of years ago, Google officially announced Glass, so we might be up for some surprises this time as well.

There is one thing we know for sure and no one get argue with it: wearable devices are going to be a huge hit. Two months ago, Google also launched the Android Wear software, which is designed to help developers better understand wearable tech and what kind of apps can be created. Smartwatch applications are those worth going for this year.

During the event, participants will have the possibility to attend more training sessions for Google Glass; for instance, one would be able to go to Hack Your Glass session and learn what APIs and tools work best when creating Google Glass apps and software.

Another main topic of the conference is design related and how could an application’s looks and appearance be improved, so that it’d be more appealing for the user, regardless to the platform and device used.

Here, among other interesting things, developers will be able to learn how they could use analysis techniques and research to better catalogue experiences in the categories: understandable, intuitive and frustrating.

Maybe you remember Polymer, the software kit released by Google at 2013’s I/O conference, which is expected to bring a game change in design work and maybe even provide the best user interfaces; well, Google has reserved a special session for this as well. In other sessions, participants and design professionals could attend trainings that explain what works in software design and how they should use photography and illustration in it, as well as typography, iconography and a great deal of color palettes.

Google hasn’t been putting much accent on design in the past; looks and feel were more an Apple characteristic. However, since Glass and its bulky look have been rejected by the public, Google understood that it needs to adapt in order to survive, especially now when they have also acquired the Nest smart thermostat. By the way, if you’re interested there’s also going to be a session on Nest as well.

Bottom line is that we can’t wait for the event to happen and finally find out when will Google Glass be available for the mass public. We will keep you posted on anything new that might surface about the conference, so stay be sure to stay connected.