Glass Gets Its First Accessory – Remotte

Google has made impressive improvements lately, having emerged in the wearable tech niche with Google Glass. This new business development has been the talk of the town with companies eager to be part of the experience.

The makers of Remotte have been thinking what it is that Glass is missing and they have come up with an answer. A Bluetooth joystick that would improve its manageability would be just the thing. With the help of the joystick you would be able to use the device without needing to speak or tap the side of your head like a crazy person.

The concept behind Glass is that of creating a technology that is hands free and that allows the same experience of accessing short but relevant information.

By using this technology you can read the first few lines of a new email, see how the weather will be like that day. Also you get a version of the Google Navigation App for turn-by-turn directions. The latest update made to the Glass explorer saw significant changes in the user interface for voice. The purpose of all this is to make the owners use their hands as rare as possible. But for now, if you still need the use of your hands for a small proportion of its user interface.

So, now they are working on developing a controller that will allow you to navigate the device without having to raise your hands and touch it. It does seem a bit confusing if you read about it like this. It is almost like having an accessory for your smartphone accessory. But it seems Remotte has no problem with that. The Bluetooth joystick will come with the Remotte and it will enable you to navigate it without it being necessary to touch it. It does help if you want to be more discreet in places where you can’t afford to look silly by constantly touching the top of your head or in crowded places where you don’t want to have your arms raised at all times and make other people uncomfortable.

Also the Remotte will have a couple of new sensors as well. The Glass app will have access to these new sensors that include a temperature sensor, a barometer, a separate accelerometer and gyroscope. The controller will be rather small in size and it will work on 200mAh batteries. These details also hope to make the public interested in purchasing the controller along with the Glass.

The Remotte is not available for purchase yet, but neither is the Glass so that is ok. The company is still testing the software and hardware and hopes to make more improvements before the final release of the products.