Google Glass Apps to Become Available on The New Play Store

At the moment, Google Glass apps are not available on the Play Store, but only on Google’s dedicated website, though it seems that they are going to move them pretty soon, now that they’ve updated the web-based version of the store. One more good news is that the Play Store might soon be available as an app on Google Glass, so you can install apps directly from the device.

We were really expecting this to happen, as there’s no need for Google to separate the apps, especially considering that Google Glass runs on Android, like all devices that can use apps from the Play Store.

Further we might see ordinary apps be able to run on Glass, so that developers don’t have to make separate apps for phones/tablets and Glass. But we are not very sure about it, considering it’s a bit different device. Google Glass doesn’t feature a touchscreen and apps are designed especially for that, though it might become easier for developers to port them.

Hopefully Google is going to release Glass apps on the Play Store soon and the Play Store itself on Glass.

At the moment Google is trying pretty hard to reduce fragmentation and all Android users are going to benefit from this. As we’ve seen during the last Android updates, Google is trying to update third-party apps instead of the operating system itself, so people don’t have to rely on phone makers and carriers. They can simply update their apps from the Play Store and enjoy a better experience.

We expect that by the time it’s released, Glass will feature a Play Store and it will be much easier to develop and install apps. The device is getting better and better and we expect it to be a success, once Google manages to release it officially. Considering they’ve done great improvements, we expect the release date to be by the end of this year. We’ll keep you updated once we find out more about it.