Refresh Glass App Will Brief You On People You Meet

The main idea behind Refresh is to give access to as much information as possible in a very short time period. The app links more Internet sources to build a dossier about a person you are about to meet. If you think about it, this doesn’t come as something completely new considering that every businessman does his research before meeting a new client. However the innovation here is that now everyone interested in this, could have a device doing all this work, in less time and with better resources.

The new Glass application launched last week intents to be a new power tool for gathering online information. One of the founders and CEO Bhavin Shah stated that they are planning to make Glass more useful by giving it the function of being a “diplomatic attaché” that gives you information about people you meet or about to meet.

Apple fans have probably already met this kind of system, as a similar app has been launched for the iPhone in 2013. When a user wants to know more about a specific persons, such as new clients or old friends, this app will gather information about them from social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and so on and pile the data in a designated file. Further, the user can use that data to find boundaries, connection points and communication subjects. Also, the app can mark certain dates in your calendar to highlight a meeting with the person you are looking information about.

Shah got his inspiration for the software from the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, who received briefing books about people he was meeting so that he could keep pertinent conversations. Shah is convinced that this type of app can improve the quality of conversations between people and help them connect and establish more profound relationships. After all, when you show one you care about his life and respect his decisions and choices, you have the best chance of creating a successful business.

A Glass owner can subscribe to Refresh by connecting his social networks and calendar to the app and when the software finds someone also present in his calendar, it will send him information cards he can swipe through when needed. With the amount of information people are posting daily and with the right device to filter the data, nowadays briefing books could simply be e-cards.

Even though the Glass technology is still new, Refresh’s CEO is confident in the bright future of this device. He said that he likes comparing Glass with a walkman back in the 80s, because at the time it was weird to carry one around and in a couple of years everyone started wearing it.

Another thing that might push Glass into the mainstream is the flexible style of the frames, meaning you can choose one that fits you perfectly.

Refresh is showing us the world of business in a new way, easier to understand, and they aren’t the only ones thinking like this considering that People+, another Glass app has been recently launched and it basically does the same thing as Refresh, just that this only displays info about companies and people you work with.