Google Glass Used As Medical Diagnostic Test

A few days ago we were telling you that Google Glass has gained a lot of terrain in the medical domain and as a proof, there is new Glassware out there developed by some researchers within the UCLA, which can instantly diagnose the user.

The amazing app can deliver accurate results based on the tests the user makes, and the best part is that it’s also pretty easy to use. In order to get a quick set of diagnostics, a user could use the device’s camera to take photos of the tests, which are further uploaded on the designated UCLA platform for more accurate reading. For the diagnosis process, there are used tests of fluids in the human body, which could detect medical conditions such as HIV, prostate cancer or malaria. Most important, the reading results of the tests are delivered back from UCLA’s platform in less than 8 seconds.

If you’re asking yourself why the user couldn’t diagnose himself since the test bands are changing colors when detecting something, well the answer is simple: for double-checking. If your strip-band changes colors alerting you that you are a disease carrier, you would want a second opinion. This is why UCLA thought this would be the best system to go with for now. And as a plus, the platform has been 99.6 percent of times accurate, by now.

There is now wonder that UCLA is so proud of their invention: tests have proven it to be accurate and safe to use. During the tests, they uploaded on this platform all kind of photos and in all sorts of conditions, of the tests for HIV from OraSure Technologies and a prostate test from JAJ International. From 400 photos uploaded on the platform (more than half of them were moved or made with bad lighting), the platform was able do correctly diagnose 99.6 percent of them. Out of 300 blurry images, the researchers obtained a neat result of 96.6 percent accuracy.

It is quite interesting to follow a device’s trajectory and the way technology used in it evolves. From simple medical uses such as being able video call your doctor and show him what bothers you, Glass has evolved to being able to put a diagnosis and even help in the surgery room. We would consider that a significant progress in the health domain as well as the wearable domain. After all, Glass isn’t the only device out there with such uses and when we say that we’re thinking about the cancer detecting smart glasses.

We believe it’s great to see technology evolving in the use of mankind and we would really like to hear your opinion about it. Would you let technology make such a call instead of a real doctor?