Google Glass Doesn’t Require a Tethering Plan Anymore

Google Glass required a tethering data plan on some carriers until now, but this has fortunately changed since the XE9 update. While until now the smartphone was using Android’s built-in tethering app to connect to Glass, now it’s done through the MyGlass app, which bypasses the Android feature.

In order to make sure it works without the Bluetooth tethering, head over to Settings > Tethering & portable hotspot on your Android device and disable Bluetooth tethering. It will work without it from now on, allowing all Explorers to get rid of their tethering plan. You’ll also notice that MyGlass’ notification icon looks different now, having two arrow besides it, which means it’s transferring data.

Hopefully Google will be able to keep this great feature, but we can’t be very sure, considering that the carriers won’t like this at all. Usually a tethering plan costs about $10 or more per month and it will be a loss of them, especially once Glass becomes more popular.

The XE9 update was pretty big and brought some really cool features, including this one, which wasn’t even announced. We’re trying to find out what else could have been improved with the latest update, because there might be other things that Google failed to announce.

Let us know if it works for you, because we know there are some carriers that manage to block some 3rd party tethering apps and we’re curious if MyGlass is one of them.