Google Glass Featured in New Ad With Roger Federer

Google has been focusing on marketing for Glass lately and now the device has been featured in a new ad with Roger Federer. The 17-time Grand Slam winner is trying Google Glass and it allows us to see his point of view when playing tennis. Federer is playing against another tennis pro, Stefan Edberg, in the ad.

The ad looks pretty simple, but interesting for those who might not know what Google Glass does. It’s not like most casual ads that just praise the product and it focuses on its actual features instead.

We’ve been expecting them to focus more on marketing, especially since the project’s new leader is a marketing product expert, Ivy Ross.

Google will probably release more ads in the future in order to help people find out about the device and understand how it works and what it can do. Ivy Ross is probably one of the best marketing people in the world as she has a vivid work experience that includes huge brands like Calvin Klein, Gap, Mattel, and Bausch & Lomb, among others.

Watch the ad below and let us know what you think about it.