Google Glass Games Not Longer A Distant Dream – Meet The Escape App

Everybody heard about the Android games and this is not a new topic when it comes to the gadget lovers. Still, Google Glass games are quite a new topic to talk about right now. Not so long ago we told you how much Google wants developers to advance with their work in developing glassware. After many failed attempts, it seems that finally the AMA – a french-based game developer – is bringing out one of the most interesting titles and makes gameplay on the small screen a real joy.

Yes, in case you were wondering, we are talking about Escape! It is the one that we know about and now has transformed into the wearable format. The fact is that games on hardware might actually be synonims with inevitability and we managed to get inside the app and see for ourselves. And we will share with you in the following lines:

Escape! Is actually a simple game. All you have to do is guide the main character through the path of dots so that he can land on all of them once. You can only go forward in this game. It gives dependence, even if on mobile it can give you a horrible monotony.

On the other hand, on Google Glass it becomes more interesting. All you have to do in order to test it is to have the Glass connected to a laptop and follow the steps in order to launch it. This is happening at this point because the game is a prototype for the moment but once completed you will no longer need this or the mirror API either, as you will be able to play it fully offline.

When it comes to the graphic, things here are very clear. If you browse to the Android version’s page on Google Play you will see exactly what we reffer to, but it is this that makes a good first game. There are even some screenshots on the internet which present the game as it is, via the display output on a Galaxy Nexus.

The game makes use of the touch-strip on Glass, as it gives you control. You can guide the character in four directions: swipe up, down forward and back. The directions are ok, still you have to avoid to drop back into the menu. Still, it seems that in the future we will be able to use Glass’s voice controls for gameplay, according to AMA.

While you are happy with this version, you will still have to wait a little more for the final version. It seems that AMA waits for a new developer tools which shall be available at one point.

What is interesting is that AMA is planning to open a dedicated studio in France in order to create more games for Google Glass. For the moment the final hardware is not yet set but it is a promising start.

We are willing to see other games, also, at least the prototype from AMA.

Until then, escape with the Google Glass Escape game app!