Samsung Reported To Be Developing Google Glass Alternative

At just a couple of months after launching their first wearable device, the Galaxy Gear, Samsung will apparently launch its own Glass, entitled Galaxy Glass. We believe that they’re first attempt to create a wearable PC was quite inspiring and came faster than we expected, but it had some flaws worth taking into consideration when thinking about purchasing a smartwatch. For instance, Galaxy Gear is compatible with only a few Samsung smartphones. The new wearable glasses Samsung is currently working on are going to be released, according to a new report published by the Korea Times, just in time for this year’s IFA Conference in September.

It was a surprise for almost everyone that Samsung launched its Gear at just a couple of months after the Explorer program was launched and now they surprise us again by announcing a launch date for a wearable so similar to the original Glass – which didn’t get a launch date yet, even if the Explorer version has been already out there for so long. Considering that Google Glass’s release date has been changed from late 2013 to mid 2014 (and this only through rumors and leaked info), we are inclined to believe that if Google doesn’t make any official announcement, we could be seeing Samsung’s Glass first. However, when thinking about the Galaxy Gear and its features, Samsung Glass doesn’t look so bright anymore.

If you remember, Gear’s release was very sudden and back then Samsung was aiming to make this move before Apple and their iWatch. Korea Times suggests that now, the company would aim towards making this step before Google, so that they would benefit from the first on the market advantage. And of course, the information didn’t come via any official source, so please take this with a grain of salt.

Regarding its features, Samsung’s Glass will do basically the same thing as the Gear, meaning that it will be able to receive push notifications from the smartphone, play music and do a couple of online searching (hopefully), and will probably look similar with Glass.

Considering their recent product development strategy, the Samsung Glass isn’t that much of a surprise, as they have been releasing every product they thought of in the past couple of years. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, because if those first devices are not at their best, costumers might lose interest in everything similar that comes after the first ruined attempt. As happened with Galaxy Gear, which was forgotten at about a month after its release.

The most interesting thing about both smartwatches and smart glasses is that even though consumers don’t seem to manifest a big interest toward these devices, companies seem to be quite keen on creating and promoting them. However, this is another discussion and before we could state this, we prefer to wait and see what will Google and Samsung bring up on the market. So, fingers crossed!