Google Released 5 Games For Glass: Tennis, Shape Splitter, Balance, Clay Shooter & Matcher

Google has a surprise for all Explorers. They have just released 5 new games for Glass, that can be installed directly from the or from the MyGlass app. Those are mini games, so don’t expect something very complex, but they are really fun and you will surely find at least one that you’ll like.

The 5 games are Tennis, Shape Splitter, Balance, Clay Shooter and Matcher and we will tell you about each one in this article, so you can choose which one you want to install on your Glass, though we recommend you to try them all. The games are using the prism, touchpad, sensors and voice commands and I believe Google released them to show developers what they can create with the recently released GDK.

According to Google, the games are supposed to be light-weight, so you can have some fun when you have a few minutes to waste.

We intentionally wanted games that are quick to get into when you have a few free minutes, and just as easy to get out of when you want to turn your attention back to reality

You can also watch a short video that showcases the games or read their description below.


Tennis uses motion sensors and it controls the ball with your head movements. It’s a pretty interesting game, but its difficulty is really low and you might get bored fast. Unfortunately there also aren’t any levels or challenges, but it can be a good companion when you need to waste a few minutes.

Shape Splitter

Shape Splitter works with the camera and you have to cut blocks by using hand movements in front of your device. Its principle is similar to Fruit Ninja and I believe they’ve been inspired by it. Precision isn’t the best, but with a bit of practise you can improve your skills.


Balance is also using head movements to control the game. There’s a guy with some blocks on his head and you have to move tilt your head in order to keep the blocks from falling. It can be pretty difficult and it’s probably the most challenging of them all.

Clay Shooter

Clay Shooter works with voice commands and head movements. You have to use the command Pull to shoot a clay pigeon and tilt your head to aim the site. Once you manage to line it correctly, use the voice command Bang. It’s a really fun game and we recommend you to play while you’re alone, because it can be really stressful for people around you to hear you screaming Pull and Bang out of the blue.


As its name suggest, Matcher is a match-2 game, which requires the player to find matching cards. The environment is a 3D prism create with the Photosphere camera mode, according to Google.

In order to find cards, you have to move your head and then tap the touchpad to select them.