Google Glass Goes Public, No Invitation Required Anymore

Google Glass has been out of stock since April 15th, when Google allowed everyone to order it without invitation. Unfortunately we didn’t get to order it then and we really wanted one more, so we kept checking the shop. We’ve had a huge surprise today when we’ve seen it’s back in stock and it doesn’t require an invitation anymore.

Everyone can order Google Glass right now and we think it’s finally going public, so you don’t have to worry about invitations anymore. You should know that the other requirements are still in place though, so you have to be over 18 years old, be an US resident and have an US address.

Google Glass Order

We don’t know why Google advertised April 15th as the day when everyone can buy one and then make them public just 9 days after, but this comes as very good news for everyone who wants to get his hands on Glass. If you’ve been waiting to get yours and didn’t get to on April 15, then now’s your chance. We expect it to go out of stock again very soon, once people find out that Google doesn’t require an invitation anymore.


They are here! We’ve just received our second Google Glass pair! It seems that Google has shipped all orders made yesterday! Cheers!

  • asdf23da


    Google pls. Why wouldn’t you give us non-americans the chance? But it’s not surprising at all though

    • bel57

      Yeah. I have to go through a proxy to access the website. I hope they will open the shop to non-americans citizens (not worldwide, but Europe at least).

      • XxX420BlazeitXxX

        yea fuck everyone else tho

        • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

          my thoughts also :)

      • bahehs

        not world wide? you just want europe?

    • Paul

      Demand and fear of litigation.

      Demand is easy: they don’t think they can produce enough to satisfy world demand, so they ramp up production while selling to US customers until the US market is somewhat satiated and they’re producing enough for world demand.

      Litigation is less easy: when Google Maps Street View was released, Google got into a bit of trouble in many countries for not blurring faces and license plates, things that weren’t required under US law. Since it might not be obvious to some people when a glass user is recording/taking photos, the product as is might not be fit for sale in countries with stricter privacy requirements than the US. Rather than spend money having the legal and design teams ensure the product is sellable in non-US markets, sell a ton of them in the US and recover the development costs already sunk.

  • Johnathan Surowietz

    Because they know that this will bomb. This day and age, privacy is everything, and this is the exact opposite of privacy.

    • Bariman43

      Sorry, I wasn’t aware everyone having a camera phone in their pocket isn’t a privacy concern, but this is, a camera in fucking plain sight THAT LIGHTS UP WHEN YOU USE IT.

      • Johnathan Surowietz

        Its not the user, its the company behind it. But continue to read between the lines. I dont think anyone cares about the user using it, I think its the company tracking you.

        • JesusTits

          And you honestly think that Samsung/Apple/LG/Motorola/Whatever phone company wouldn’t sell you out just as easy as google are doing it? I mean it’s not like Apple has already done this for a loooooooooooooong time.

        • tb

          ur a fucckin idiot

        • Bariman43

          By simply accessing the internet on your computer you’re letting countless companies track and monitor you. Same with owning a smartphone. As far as I can see, those didn’t “bomb.”

          Seriously, this argument comes up so many times and it really doesn’t hold up.

  • ThaBob

    Because non Americans aren’t real people.

    • AdalwinRo

      Because Americans are a mix of every other people in the world… So europeans already have it….since americans don’t have a real history

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    Start selling them for $99 and I am in! No way in hell would I buy one for $1593.

  • Danny

    I went incognito and it wouldn’t let me order it redirected to a sign-up page. Using the account I bought one before it shows the pages but shows out of stock.

    • Alex Dumitru

      It’s not available anymore and it was out of stock anyway.

  • Cornolio Lucian

    I have no money but I also want a pair of glasses and I more should be to get one free

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