Google Glass Is Public – A More Open Beta Phase

Great news Glass lovers as that the Explorer program will transit into a more open beta phase. This means Google Glass is starting with yesterday available for purchase on the for any U.S based citizen and. Eager buyers won’t have to wait for any Golf event or one day sale to get your hand on this futurist piece of wearable technology anymore.

As long as you are willing to pay the $1500 +tax price tag and your desired color and frames are still in stock you are good to go. Google has not announced anything regarding the production rate nor how many Glass devices it managed to sell so far so we recommend you to hurry up and place your order. From our personal experience when we managed to find the gap in the ordering system and make the rounds around the web, Glass was marked out of stock only 8 hours later. This was also the case at the 15th of March sale when the search engine giant managed to clear its inventory just under one day.

Now that Glass is available for anyone to purchase, good old Google also shared a video thanking the first Explorers for their leap of faith and support.

Along with the public release of Google Glass a new software version namely the XE17.1 was also announced. It promises to fix some bugs most of Explorers were experiencing and and add more MyGlass for Android options like sharing your map location from your Android smartphone to Glass.

Bottom line tech lovers and devs with some extra cash to spare this is your chance! (the major release date of Google Glass still remains under the question mark as Google is rumored to be constantly working to improve the software and hardware of Glass as well as wishing to cut some weight). On the other hand if you are not a developer and do not have the extra money right now, more and more publications assume the consumer launch of Google Glass will take place towards the end of this year at a lower price while also featuring improved specs.

What do you think? Will you buy Glass now or wait for the final consumer release? Let us know in the comments section below.  Kudos!