Google Glass Used to Live Stream Surgery

We’ve told you about a lot of good ways to use Google Glass and here we have another one. Doctor Rafael Grossman has just live streamed a surgery through Glass. Grossman live streamed the operation of inserting a feeding tube and he managed to keep the patient’s privacy by not showing his face.

Grossman stated on his website that he documented about the live stream and also obtained consent, making sure that no identifying information has been revealed during the live stream. You can read his article called “OK Glass: Hand me the scalpel, please,” here.

The doctor live streamed the surgery through a Google+ Hangout and his goal was to show how useful the device can be. And we believe he did an awesome job. Unfortunately the video is now private on Youtube, so you cannot view it anymore.

Medics will probably be able to use it even better in the future, especially if they need to stream surgeries to their colleagues who can help with advices from the other side of the world.

Google Glass proved once more that it can be an awesome and very useful device and we hope to see it released officially soon, because people are eager to do interesting things with it. By then we will also have a lot of great apps. Unfortunately right now it’s only available for select few and it’s been pricy too, at $1,500.

What do you think about all the uses we’ve presented you ? Will you get Google Glass once it gets released ?