Google Glass With Prescription Lenses Pictured

Prescription lenses are coming to Google Glass and now we have some photos of what probably is an early prototype. Thanks to Google employee Brian Matiash, who posted some photos on his Google+ profile (which have been later deleted), we can now see what Google Glass with prescription lenses might look like. Though we don’t expect them to release just one design, so this one might be one of the many that will become available next year.

Unfortunately we don’t have any information apart from the photos, so we don’t know how the frames are going to work, though from the photos posted it seems like they will be detachable from Glass’ frame and this is great. If you change your mind and want another design or if you break your prescription glasses you can easily change them without having to buy another Glass device.

We also believe that you won’t be able to use your current prescription glasses with Google Glass, as you probably won’t be able to attach them to the titanium frame.

One really big downside is that they didn’t manage to decrease the frame’s size, so they remain really bulky. This is definitely going to be a drawback for many, as people have been expecting Glass to become smaller and more discrete. Hopefully this is just an early prototype and the final version will look different. We’re also expecting them to improve the design and functionality with future iterations.

We hope to find out more soon, as we expect Google to release the customer edition Glass early next year and they might offer the new prototype to some Explorers or Googlers first, in order to test it more.

What do you think about the Google Glass with prescription lenses ? Would you trade your current glasses for it ?