Google Glass With Two Lenses Might be Coming, New Patent Suggests

We know Google is already working on a new version and now Phandroid has discovered a new patent filed by the company showcasing Google Glass with two lenses, one for each eye.

The new patent looks pretty similar to what we already have, but it now has two displays, which could lead to a 3D experience. We can’t be sure right now if this is what Google is going to release later this year, when the customer edition is expected to be outed.

The patent has been filed at back in September 2011, but it’s been discovered only now. We believe Google may be testing a number of designs for Glass, but we can’t be sure which one they will design to stick with.

We do not believe we’re going to see this one on the market very soon, because it would make the device even more expensive than it is and Google is most likely trying to keep the price lower.

The patent also reveals new technologies meant to improve the image quality on the HUD. According to it, the displays will automatically adjust hue, saturation and contrast based on the background light and weather conditions, so image quality will be improved over the current version. With the current Google Glass there are some lighting conditions where the images displayed on the display can’t be seen very clear due to its transparency.

We are going to keep digging into this and let you know if we find any more information about the patent. We should find out by the end of the year what Google is working on, because the customer edition is expected to be released by then. Personally we don’t believe there will be any revolutionary changes made to Google Glass. It will most likely be a big less obvious on the head and carry a lower price tag.