Minnesota Vikings Starts Using Google Glass

What do Google Glass and sports have in common? Quite a lot actually. This January, Sacramento Kings become the first team to Use Google Glass to use Google Glass during games. Two months later, in March this year, Indiana Pacers launched Google Glass to enhance in game experience during the team’s home games in Bankers Life Fieldhouse. not to mention the frequent use of Google’s wearable head mounted display during NBA games by spectators. Well, a new team, this time from the National Football Association, the Minnesota Vikings, is going to make use of Google’s wearable computer.

Well first, we have NBA teams, such as the above mentioned Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers. Pacers launched Google Glass to enhance in game experience during the team’s home games while Sacramento Kings plans to use Google Glass to help out coaches in the future by offering up different views of a play seconds after it happened. And then you have the Minnesota Vikings from the NFL, a team that is going to use Google’s wearable computer for training sessions. However, the Minnesota Vikings are not the first NFL team to use Google Glass during training camp, as the St. Louis Rams are also using Google Glass for training camp.

The news comes from the Official Twitter page of the Minnesota Vikings, which a picture with the following two hashtags: #CampLife #VikingsCamp. As you can see in the picture, Minnesota Vikings players really enjoy wearing Google Glass. However, you may be wondering how the players are going to use the wearable computer from Google. The answer is simple: they will record first person videos (during training camp as we mentioned above) in hopes that these videos will help them improve their play. So will Google Glass actually help the Minnesota Vikings? Well, one thing is for sure: it can’t make them any worse.