Google Glass XE16.1 Update Rolls Out to Fix XE16 Problems

Google Glass has rolled out the XE16 update on April 15 and it came with a lot of bugs. Fortunately today the company released update XE16.1, which we didn’t manage to tear down yet, but we are pretty sure it only comes with bug fixes for all the problems we’ve encountered.

If you’re running on XE16, then you’re advised to update ASAP, because it seems to be faster and more stable. Until now we didn’t encounter any of the bugs that came with XE16, but we have to test it more.

We are also trying to find the factory images and pre-rooted bootloader, along with the OTA update files for XE16.1 for those who like playing with their Glass. The previous links lead to the specified files, but only for XE16 for the moment. As soon as we find the XE16.1 files, we will update the pages.

Along with the XE16.1 update, the new Google Calendar Glassware is here. You can read more about it on .

Later Edit: You may want to stay away from this last update. After updating to XE16.1 some users experienced what is known as a BootLoop (potential fix included.)