Google Glass XE17.2 Minor Update Rolling Out Now

Shortly after the XE17.1 update, Google is rolling out another update. Unfortunately we don’t know anything about it, except that it fixes more various bugs and it comes with a new animation when Glass is very low on battery. The previous animation looked like Glass was charging, while it was only requesting you to plug it in.

You can view the new animation in the GIF below, which we’ve found on Google’s page for XE17.2.

We haven’t received the update yet, so it’s hard to say what got fixed and if there are any major improvements. Previous updates still hadn’t fixed the bootloops, home stops unexpectedly, swipe to report”, or “Camera stops unexpectedly, swipe to report” errors. We just hope that Google in its release notes when mentioning “Among various bug fixes” also thought of the bootloop issue that many Explores are still reporting, the lockups on the “Ok Glass” screen, battery life fast drainage, overheating problems and last but not least the bug that cause the image on the prism to flicker for some users. The XE17.2 update is expected like always to come in waves so do not panic if you do not get it right away. Meanwhile if you can not bear the wait any longer you ca check our method here on how to force Glass to update (not working in all cases, but it is worth a shot)

Fixing the bugs is probably Explorers’ biggest wish and I really hope Google is focusing on this instead of adding new features, because we have to be able to use Glass, even if it lacks some stuff we might love to get.

I expect them to release some goodies in the upcoming updates, being them XE17.3 or XE18. And it will most likely be called XE18, as we’re almost in June and, as you may know, update numbers are based on the number of months since Google Glass was initially released.

Once we receive the OTA update, we’ll give it a try and maybe perform a teardown on it to see if it comes with any new things, but until then we’ll have to trust Google that it only brings bug fixes and the new low battery animation.

If you notice anything new with XE17.2 please let us know in the comments form below.

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  • HHotelconsult

    Fantastic. I haven’t been able to use mine for months and they still can’t figure out what is wrong for the last few weeks about this weird home screen crash bug. Frustrated with this pricey brick.

    • Riciu Andrei

      What kind of problems are you experiencing? Maybe we can help…