Google Play Music Coming To Glass

So far, we have seen Google’s augmented reality device, the Glass, capable of integrating easily into any job in the world, from a skydiver navigation instrument to mechanics, teachers and doctors. Now, the newest industry the Glass has breached into is the music industry.

Next Tuesday, it is expected for Google to present some new Glass features, which include navigating through saved playlists, searching for new songs, and of course, listening to high-def music. All thanks to the tiny frames with an integrated computer and a small transparent display positioned on the top right of the device.

More precisely, when the user turns on the Glass, along with the basic voice commands such as searching a word on Google or making a photo, he will also see the command “listen to”. Next, the user can name the artist or song he wants to hear and the Glass will play that song using Google Play. More than that, one could have access to music recommendations and new playlists if he subscribes to a Play account.

Other news say that Google’s Sound Search, service integrated in the Glass a couple of months ago, is pretty similar to the SoundHound or Shazam when it comes to identifying playing songs. And along with these upgrades, Google is also adding a pair of earbuds to their Glass accessory line, which come at the price of $85.

Ed Sanders, the head of the Glass marketing department stated over this new feature, that the company’s target is to reach the needs of any costumer, whether he is a music teacher, a music producer, sound engineer or just the regular music listener. Everyone has to be able to enjoy music or evaluate tunes at any time, and in any place.

With these new additions in the system of the Glass, it is obvious that Google puts a lot of trust in the success of such a controversial device. Topics such as the Glass invading privacy and whether it is or not going to be popular among wearable devices have been debated by every serious publication.

Also, by introducing the music listening features Google could now promote other music services signed by them, such as the Google Play Music All Access and other subscription based offerings. You might have noticed that once a device offers access and provides support for music platforms, it becomes a lot more popular and easier to advertise. For instance, now everyone’s attention is directed towards Beats music, a new music playing service, designed by the creators of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

Even though at the moment, the Glass is only offering Google’s trademark services for playing music, we’re expecting to see some new ones introduced pretty soon.

As you know, one of the strong points in Google’s presentation of the Glass is represented by the importance of voice commands and the focus and time one is losing when looking down at his phone. Music engineers or producers in a studio, who have to keep their eyes on the band and on the volumes at the same time, could be finding Glass’s small display quite useful.

For example, Young Guru a music producer famous for his work with big names such as Beyonce, Jay-Z or Rihanna shows how he can use the Glass in order to identify a latin-like song, finding a vinyl record for it and then playing it in the studio. All these information and content have been put together by the Glass.

In an interview published past Monday, Young Guru said that for him the Glass is a huge time saver and in the same time a very useful tool in his work. He also said, that for him, a Star-Trek fan, this device means that we’re not that far from the futuristic technology we grew up with as being pure fiction.