Google to Showcase Glass in Austin This Weekend

Good news for our readers from Texas, as Google is going to hold an event in Austin this weekend, from Sunday, December 14 to Sunday, December 15.

The event does require a registration and you can RSVP . You will be able to visit between 10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday and we recommend  you to go and give it a try, if you didn’t get your Glass yet. Unfortunately Google Glass is not yet available for the general public, being in a closed beta, for developers only. We expect Google to release it officially by April 2014, when they should also reveal an all-new, improved version of the device.

Google has been holding showcases around the US in the major cities in order to let the people see and test their latest and greatest gadget. At this event you’ll be able to play with Google Glass and see what it can do, so if you do like it, then you can’t miss this, as it might be your only chance to give it a try before the official version gets released.

The company also has a video of a previous event held in Durham, North Carolina, which seems to have been really awesome. Google is known for doing great shows and they’re going to do it even better with their barges we’ve been talking about.

You can watch the Durhan, NC showcase video below to get an idea about what you’ll be able to see in Austin this weekend.